Our Fees

Private Fees Guide (from January 1st 2020)

X-Rayseach £11
Scale and Polish£48
Posterior White Fillingsfrom £80
Posterior Amalgam Fillingsfrom £75
Anterior White Fillingsfrom £60
Extractionsfrom £95
Crowns Porcelain/metal£520
Crowns Gold£600
Crowns all Ceramic£600
Bridges (per unit)from £490
Root Canal treatment - Incisorsfrom £230
Root Canal treatment - Molarfrom £450
Full Dentures Upper and Lower£650
Full Upper or Lower Dentures£405
Partial Denturesfrom £295
Chrome and Flexi Dentures£699 each
Tooth Whitening£300
Sports Mouthguardsfrom £95
Implants (single tooth)from £2,100
Invisalignfrom £3,200

When dentally fit most of our patients join the Denplan Care scheme. To learn more about Denplan please visit www.denplan.co.uk.

Denplan offers patients a superb standard of care for a set monthly fee which gives reassurance in all dental eventualities.

Chidren and patients who are exempt from payment can be seen on the NHS.
The following categories of patients can claim free treatment:

  • Income Support
  • Family Credit
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Disabled Persons Tax Credit
  • Pregnant or have a baby under 1 year old
  • Under 19 and in full-time education
  • Under 18

Help may still be available if you are a student, pensioner or part-time worker on low income. You will need to complete form HC1, available from the practice, and send it in the envelope provided to the Benefits Agency. If you qualify they will send you a certificate of exemption or partial exemption from dental fees.

We have one dentist who has a limited contract with the NHS such that non-exempt patients can be seen.

NHS Fees Guide (from April 1st 2019)

Band 1: Checkup, x-rays and basic cleaning£22.70
Band 2: Above items plus fillings, extractions and root canal treatment£62.10
Band 3: Above items plus crowns, dentures and bridges£269.30