Ferndale House Dental Practice URGENT CARE SERVICE

Update: 26/03/2020

Due to the corona virus pandemic we are now unfortunately closed for all routine dental care.

The chief dental officer has followed scientific advice and informed us that carrying out dentistry in a normal dental surgery is too high risk and should now be stopped.

We will be running a full dental advice service for our patients remotely and you should phone the dental surgery on 020 8466 7393 and an answer machine message will give you a mobile telephone number so you can talk to a dentist. Please note this is an urgent care service and if you wish to cancel a future appointment or your query is of a general nature please send a message using the contact us page on this website.

Please assume at this stage that ALL planned and booked appointments from now until the 20th April 2020 have been cancelled. Nearer this time if the situation hasn’t improved, we may need to extend this cancellation policy. We will of course keep you updated via this website, Facebook and email.

The Coronavirus can be transmitted from a person via droplets, and similarly the virus can be transmitted by one of the dental team to the patient. Scientific advice is that dentistry is extremely high risk, due to the nature of the job, working within the mouth. As such urgent dental treatment will during the time of this pandemic only be carried out in specially equipped clinics with full coverage personal protective equipment (PPE) which is unavailable to us.
We suggest that when this pandemic is over you call/email us to rearrange your appointments and we will work tirelessly to accommodate all at that time.

Stay home as much as possible and follow closely the government guidelines.

Veeren, David, Victor, Pauline and all at Ferndale House Dental Practice